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Artist Statement

I think of my illustrations and paintings as views into a world where humans are not so disconnected from nature. Through the use of vibrant colors, the imaginary, and animal subjects, my work attempts to dispel the apathy that so often accompanies thoughts surrounding social and environmental issues. I feel it is crucial to focus on positive ways humans can coexist with their neighbors and environments, and I use my art as a tool for this.


The subjects in my work are often anthropomorphic objects and animals. I find this allows all people to see themselves reflected in their nature as well as catch a glimpse into other people’s worlds. My work features characteristically rough and spontaneous line-work that invites viewers into the art making process as well, something I feel is key to providing people the agency to be creative themselves. By demystifying the art-making process, art becomes accessible across varying levels of experience and interest. The untidy, gestural line work hearkens back to childhood illustrations, transporting viewers to a simpler time when creativity and community building came naturally.

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